Small pleasures

One of the questions in my  newly discovered
online book club
discussion of Children of Men was “In speaking of Theo’s preparation to attend the Quietus, the author says, “It had been his habit all his life to devise small pleasures as palliatives to unpleasant duties.” Do you have any habits or coping mechanisms that have a soothing effect on days that you expect to be unpleasant?”

I didn’t answer that question at the time, but it prompted me to generally up my small pleasures quota and I have been really enjoying lounging on my bed watching TV (DVD player finally set up) and have also taken to visiting the library every week – so lots of good books, DVDs and talking books/comedy to listen to in the car. I devoured the whole of the first series of the L-word (yes, I am always behind with TV!) and really enjoyed it. I’ll get series 2 for sure to watch while I’m lounging around post ET for the IVF. I’m really looking forward to the rest and relaxation stage of things. I was a bit caught short by the donor insem/pregnancy/miscarriage storyline, I must admit. At first when Tina got pregnant so easily (and managed a scan, with a heartbeat, on the day she got her positive peestick!)  I was a bit resentful, it all seemed to come so easy… and then she lost it and I felt mean and uncharitable. A bit like real-life, eh?

I am really enjoying the reading group and just gobbled up Waiting for Daisy, which is April’s book. I have a lot to say about that book, but I suppose I should hang on till the discussion. Today I ready 90% of the March choice, the  Time Traveller’s Wife. Amazing, totally amazing. I hadn’t twigged that the content would be so relevant, not just about fertility and miscarriage but about loss generally and the experience of having one’s life pivot around a moment. In the case of both me and the time traveller, the death of our mothers. Spooky.

I am itching to write about both books. Thank you to Melissa for the whole reading group idea. It is a great pleasure!

~ by drownedgirl on March 22, 2007.

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