There was some tidying up at the weekend, particularly in our bedroom, as we picked up a big wardrobe I bought via ebay.

Amongst the things I binned were a few boxes of unused OPKs, and a handful of positive pregnancy tests from my last doomed pregnancy. I hate coming across these little stashes from time to time. Sometimes it feels like every cupboard has one or two of those internet cheapies lurking. As I gazed at the faint lines, I must admit I was hoping I’ll be back “reading the runes” in a couple of months. And while I’ve long since lost the feeling of hope and expectation that should accompany a positive test, I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to experience it in our donor egg cycle.

What else did I come across and consign to the bin or the pristine new wardrobe depending on future usefulness?

Maternity pyjamas bought in fit of optimism in miscarriage no 4 (keep, there’s always a use for comfy pyjamas)

Summer maternity skirt bought as vote of confidence while fearing the worst with miscarriage number 1  (bin, will never be hugely pregnant in the Summer, whatever happens)

Sheaf of notes and letters regarding whole miscarriage history (shove to back of drawer)

About two hundred quid’s worth of heparin given to me prior to miscarriage number 7  by optimistic consultant (keep, too b****y right, will save us some ££ for the IVF)

All that’s left is to find a home for my books. I seem to have quite a library now. 


~ by drownedgirl on March 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Decluttering”

  1. Hope you felt a bit better after turfing the OPKs etc. I gave mine away and felt like a bit of a relief to have them gone. My trusty (poor choice of word) jars & syringes hit the bin.

  2. I admit that I kept one HPT from miscarriage #1, but I pitched all 7 from miscarriage #3. I think it’s a sign of cynacism.

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