Quick update

Well, it would be if there was anything to update. Still waiting for Mr dg’s hepatitis RNA results. I actually popped into the GP after dropping DS at nursery, but the receptionist said she was still waiting. Apparently the department at the hospital, don’t have a fax machine and can only issue results by post!

We’ll feel so much better if we know for sure we’re being treated at Small but Enormously Friendly Clinic rather than  Big Hospital. If it’s the former, we can arrange accommodation near Kind Friend for the likely key week and generally DO things. I have this need to DO things.

Bought more vitamins (might not see KF for a few weeks after her  DS’s birthday party next week, so best Be Prepared) Needing vitamins for not one, not two, but three participants is quite funny (but costly)

Saw acupuncturist this morning who said my pulses are good. She said that it’s recommended to have acupuncture before and after Egg Transfer.

 I have this vision of us pitching up on the Big Day. Me, Mr dg, DS, KF, MrKF, KF’s DS, KF’s DD. That’s quite a few of us, even without Acupuncturist. I was actually toying with the possibility of asking Friend no 2 to drive us to and from the appointment, if she  can (my DP doesn’t drive.)  Do you think 10 of us would be excessive? Nothing like a team effort! Not so much of the Immaculate and rather more of the Crowded Conception!

Actually: we probably need different sets of people for EC and ET days. Hmm. I think I might need to set up a spreadsheet.


~ by drownedgirl on February 23, 2007.

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