Nice day

Yesterday was DS’s rather delayed fourth birthday treat. His godmother and I took him to a snowpark, along with KF’s son (who is about a month younger)

It was great fun! We got all wrapped up in waterproofs (except for godmother who played more of a support role!) and once they had both got over their initial worries and made the first descent of the hill on a sledge with me, they went for it bigtime, on their own. In fact, they kept pushing to the front of the queue and the first thing we knew, was seeing them both perched precariously at the top, on their own, trying to get onto the sledges. Of course, we pretended we didn’t know them! 

It was quite a long day by the time we got back to London, and DS was already in the land of nod so we put him straight to bed and I spent a few hours reading the Saturday papers before a good night’s sleep. Sunday mornings I normally lie in a little, then clean the kitchen and the bathroom while listening to the Archers (UK radio serial about farmers!) This morning DP has made apple pancakes for a treat. Of course, the kitchen probably needs a second clean, I fear.

My DS and KF’s DS get on well. If you can count a fair bit of shrieking in the back of the car, moaning, spitting and hitting as getting on. (KF: don’t read that bit!) When it’s time to say goodbye they are firm friends and most upset to be parted.

DS’s godmother coped well with the addition of a second child.  She’s not really a children person, except for DS, who she loves to bits. In fact, she’s a good example of how families don’t have to follow the traditional route. She’s my DP’s ex-girlfriend, and was in the habit of joining his family for Christmas, even after they broke up. Once I appeared on the scene, we continued with her being part of big family events, and so when DS arrived she was an obvious person to ask to be godmother (of a non-religious kind, we had a Humanist naming ceremony rather than a christening) DS’s godfather is MY ex-boyfriend, just to be fair. Both of them see DS regularly … but godmother really IS DS’s second mother. She comes to us every week on either Saturday or Sunday, early, and helps us get up and have breakfast and read the papers, helps around the house a bit, and takes DS out. Or she and I will go out together with him for the day. She even takes time off work when there’s a childcare crisis, and it is she who sorts out emergencies of the “Need a sheep outfit for Thursday” kind.

So I guess I already have a bit of  a penchant for families of the slightly unorthodox kind (few families have ex-partners quite in that role!) and taking on KF as an aunty/godmother to a donor egg conceived baby seems just fine to me. Presciently, her DS declared a few weeks ago that my DS was his cousin.

 When I was a child, I had several “aunties” who were my mum’s friends, and their children were my “cousins.”  I find it sad that children seem to be so much more isolated in nuclear families these days, expecially when so many in the UK are only children, one of two maybe. Families with three or four children are a rarity. Even if we never manage to have no 2, I like to think that my DS does have other children he can be close to.

~ by drownedgirl on February 18, 2007.

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