Ho hum

Came back from work last night to grouchy stomach pains, and spotting. It was DS’s birthday too. So glad I was expecting the miscarriage and it wasn’t a shock!

By this morning the cramps had gone but the bleeding was steady. Took DS out sledging (London hit by snow today) and when we got back (TMI coming up) I found a little gestational sac in my pants. A little tadpole like embryo… tiny cord, a little splodgy placenta type thing and all wrapped in a creamy white sac. It was about the size of a brazil nut.

It was nice to see, actually. Most of my losses have meant a d&c, and the embryo is just whisked away. It’s nice to be able to visualise what such a tiny baby looks like.

So I’m OK, and it feels like a weight has lifted. I do wish I could do something nice to treat myself. There isn’t much to look forward to until we start the IVF in May, if we get the go ahead. It’s a bit bleak having nothing to look forward to.


~ by drownedgirl on February 8, 2007.

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