Moving forward

Well, DP finally went for his blood tests (after throwing a wobbly when I mentioned he could do the SA at the clinic when we go for our appointment tomorrow… I guess the answer to that was a no!)Kind Friend got hers back today… FSH is only 3.9. Brilliant!We’re ready for our appointment – plan is we’ll take KF’s 1 year old DD with us to the clinic, while her DH watches both our DS’s at a soft play. Hope he can manage it! You’d think a 6 ft tall firefighter would be up to it, unless you know the boys involved. Ah well. Let’s  just hope there’s no major injury.

Me, I’m 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Bizarre. The last hcg was only 263, so it’s definitely on the way out. I do hope the levels will drop now, and it will be another missed miscarriage, rather than ectopic… and I hope I can avoid scans and yet another d&c. I feel slightly embarrassed having to confess it at the IVF clinic. Will they think we’re weird?


~ by drownedgirl on February 1, 2007.

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