Same old same old

Well, I was hoping that my hcg levels would be on the way down now. Yet they are staggering along.18 dpo 190
20 dpo 219
24 dpo 244.

My GP persuaded me to go for an early scan to check the pregnancy isn’t ectopic, but I backed out at the last minute. Even switching the place I get scanned from my local Early Pregnancy Unit to the new Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic that now has me on their books, it was still too much to bear. I am pretty certain with such low levels, there would be nothing to see anyway. I’ve left it that I’ll get another blood test Friday and see what’s happening.

Hey ho. Let’s hope that my body’s enthusiasm for even the most feeble embryo, bodes well for our Donor Egg cycle. I never get spotting or cramps. I’ve had 3 early miscarriages at about 5 weeks and one chemical pregnancy. The remaining three were all long drawn out affairs, missed miscarriages diagnosed at about 7 weeks after Prolonged Dubious Scan Agony. My progesterone is high, my boobs are like rock hard melons.  My body is doing its bit. Now, where’s that good egg?!

To take my mind off Impending Miscarriage we have booked in at Small Friendly Fertility Clinic, for next Friday. This one scores very highly on the things that matter. The doctor will see me, Kind Friend and DP all at the same time. (As opposed to Snotty But More Convenient clinic who had ethical reasons why we were never to attend on the same day, or see any overlapping personnel) Yes, we can bring KF’s DH too, also KF’s 3 year old, my 3 year old and KF’s baby girl. Gawd. They won’t know what’s hit them. If there is any way to jettison the kindergarten, and go just me, DP and KF, then that will be preferable!

KF is going for her blood tests today. I had mine done before Christmas. DP has  a form for his and SA. Our GPs all obliged by providing the paperwork for us to get tested on the NHS, which will save us a fair bit. (Note to self: Remind DP on an hourly basis, that he has to actually GO GET THE TESTS!)

The clinic we’ve chosen is unusual too as they propose to charge for a standard IVF cycle, plus a monitored cycle for me, tests for KF and drugs. I hope they don’t change their mind. The Snotty But More Convenient clinic I spoke to first, actually had the gall to say they would charge their published DE rate, PLUS tests and drugs for KF, unless she shared her eggs! I can’t work out why bringing your own donor should be much more expensive than  using one of theirs (if they had any available within the next decade, of course)

Just had a thought. I can picture the scene at our first appointment at Small Friendly Fertility Clinic.

Doctor: ” I see you suffer from recurrent miscarriage. That must be very hard for you… when were you last pregnant?”

Me: “Well, I am at the moment, actually, about 9 weeks. Is that a problem?”


~ by drownedgirl on January 26, 2007.

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