Brave girl

Aww. Kind Friend has had most of her blood tests today. Or at least the ones the GP could arrange.

The karyotyping and cystic fibrosis and chlamydia and what have you hopefully will be done at Small But Friendly Clinic next week.  I know she doesn’t like needles, so I feel a bit guilty already. Worst to come, of course.

DP hates needles too. Furthermore, he’s going to have to go on a detox for a couple of months to get his sperm into tiptop condition. We’re not spending £4.5k and just hoping his little chaps step up the mark! Oh no!After a few years where it has just being me that has been prodded, scanned, injected, acupunctured, hypnotised and filled to rattling with vitamins and supplements .. now it’s my turn to spread the love and get DP and KF pill-popping too. Ha ha!

In fact, my whole babymaking career has been one of needles.

Manic DS was conceived easily enough (after a bit of a wild night with no contraception, ahem) but things went badly wrong at 30 weeks gestation when I noticed one of my legs had swollen up and gone purple. Cue mad dash to the hospital I’d previously managed to avoid completely, where my worst nightmare came true, and I was admitted for a fortnight with a Deep Vein Thrombosis in my pelvis. Scary times.

Bang went my planned tidy exit and start of maternity leave.. I walked out of the office on a Monday evening in November, and didn’t make a reappearance until DS was 10m old, that is to say, the following October. Even more silly, as I’d been faxing stuff for life insurance purposes, I’d left my maternity notes on my desk, and had to call my assistant who got access to the building at 10pm  and then drove them across London to me  in the hospital, bless her.

Actually, some thanks also go to the cabdriver who rushed me across London to the hospital in the first place, knowing it was an emergency… I did reassure him the emergency was not of the “Impending Premature Birth on the Backseat of the BMW” variety, but I’m not sure he was convinced.


~ by drownedgirl on January 24, 2007.

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