Becoming a blogger

Having been an avid reader of many fertility and miscarriage blogs for quite some time, I’ve decided to take the plunge and start one of my own.Is it worth going back over the months since my first miscarriage in Autumn 04? Via miscarriages 2-6 (February, April, July and December 05, September 06), touching on miscarriage no 7 (any moment now)

Or shall I start with our decision (taken between miscarriages 6 and 7) to try a round of IVF, eggs donated by a younger friend.I’ll start there because hopefully that will be the theme for the rest of the blog.I need to mention that we do have one child, born in 2003 when I was 37. He’s almost 4 now.

It’s just our attempts since to produce him a sibling, started when I was 39, that have led us to this point. 42 in April and all we have to show for our temping and OPKs and sterling efforts to Do The Deed at the right times, is a folder full of failed early scans, discharge after d&cs, and test results. I’m normal (albeit with rather sticky blood, treated with blood thinning injections), DP is normal. Last two embryos, Not Normal. Too Many Chromosomes. Advanced Maternal Age.

Being the sort of person who takes numbers very much to heart, my investigations into the likely success rate of IVF with PreImplantation Genetic Selection led me straight to Donor Eggs via High FSH, Likely Poor Responder, and do not pass go.

Then I stumbled onto an article about Donor Eggs Abroad, waiting lists here in the UK being 2-3 years. And just as we’d got our head round that, a chance mention to a close friend, with a son the same age as mine and a little girl too, led her to offer her eggs.

So before Christmas  we started the ball rolling with blood tests, sperm analysis as required for the three of us (blood tests, me, DP, KF (Kind Friend), SA – just DP of course…)

I felt a huge huge feeling of relief. At last something CONCRETE we could do. And if it fails, then that is clearly The End Of The Road. No more am I am I not pregnant, is that a faint line, oh yes let’s start blood thinners, drag me unwilling for a scan, are you sure of your dates, it looks a little small, heartbeat a little slow, oh dear, your embryo has expired.

Or so I thought. In my boundless optimism I thought why not try a bit longer, while we wait for the IVF, it might just work, save us £5k.

And so it came about that our Xmas Day conceived baby (Date of LMP, 7th December, which just happened to be the anniversary of d&c number 3, wouldn’t you think that was a good omen…), our Xmas Day conceived baby turns out to be Not Such a Miracle after all… slow rising HCG, so next week is sure to show it Is No More.

So back to the original theme. Donor Eggs, here we come!

~ by drownedgirl on January 21, 2007.

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